02 October - 29 November 2015
Through a series of master classes and industry engagement Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students from Murtoa, St Brigid's, Goroke, Horsham and Dimboola Memorial Secondary Colleges will reflect their lives and reveal what it is to be young person in our region.
Aslyn Witney, Liam Crocker, Madeleine Trudel, Emily Tucker, Halle Brown, Alana Carter, Eve Barnes, Gerard Natividad, Megan Haxby, Shaeleigh Day and Hayley Crawley.
With the guidance of industry representatives, talented young students in our community crafted a collection of photographs, text and designs that reflected the theme ‘Under the Surface'. Delving deep into their respective fields, the students captured aspects of the landscape, architecture and people that demonstrated their perspective on living life as a young person in the Wimmera. Come discover the voice of regional Victoria, and explore the truths of life that cower beneath the surface!
Horsham Regional Art Gallery acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program for the development and presentation of this project.
IMAGE: Melissa POWELL “Under the Surface”. Courtesy of the artist

The present and the future – HRAG Jubilee Hall

In 2009 the Federal and Victorian governments each announced $5 million in funding toward the redevelopment of the Horsham Town Hall to co-locate the performing arts and visual arts. To achieve this ambitious project HRAG has relocated to Jubilee Hall for the duration of the project.
While at Jubilee Hall we will not be able to display the Horsham Regional Art Gallery Collection. It will be stored under museum conditions while we work on better understanding, the Mack Jost Collection of Australian Painting and Works on Paper, our nationally significant collection of Australian Photography, and our collection of works that document the Wimmera.
Our exhibition program at this time will, continue to bring the best in Australian visual culture to Horsham, explore what it is to be a regional art gallery, explore artists that are held within our collection, experiment with what an exhibition is, and present the work of leading practitioners from our region.
Join us at Jubilee Hall as we experiment and get ready to represent the Collection in our renovated home in Wilson Street early 2016.
IMAGE: Dave JONES 'Triticum Lucis - Stage 5 (high yield)' 2015, inkjet print, 61 x 91.5 cm.
ABN 37 019 724 765