Fiona Connor, Kate Daw & Stewart Russell , Geoff Newton, Isabelle Sully
31 July - 27 September 2015

Drawing together a range of leading artists, Country Practice will unfold within and beyond the walls of the Horsham Regional Art Gallery. Each component of this socially engaged project is conceived to register, explore and celebrate the local and specific histories of Horsham – its individuals, institutions and the character of the town community.

Kate Daw and Stewart Russell have focused on the legacies of intriguing practices that may be considered as marginal to contemporary mainstream social and community activity. The artists will race pigeons from Horsham to Yarraville and then from Yarraville to Horsham as a celebration of the project and in the spirit of the long history of pigeon racing and historic modes of communication.

Los Angeles based artist Fiona Connor will present two works that meticulously replicate the diverse notes and ephemera found pinned to public bulletin boards across metropolitan Los Angeles. Interested in notice boards as community forums and sites of exchange these notice boards will now take up residence in Horsham.

Geoff Newton, will present two paintings as part of his ongoing suite of works titled; The Victorian Scene . These pieces have evolved out of the artist's interest in the genre of history painting one of Newton's paintings depicts Horsham's Jubilee Hall which is currently the temporary home of the Horsham Regional Art Gallery, while the Gallery is in re-development. The second painting - set in the future - depicts the Gallery after the re-development project is complete.

Isabelle Sully has produced a bronze coin which commemorates and footnotes a painting in the Horsham Regional Art Gallery Collection by popular historic artist Rupert Bunny titled Suzannah and the Elders ; it is one of 286 works generously gifted by Mr Mack Jost AM, an international concert pianist who was born in Horsham in 1918. Suzannah and the Elders is a highlight of the Mack Jost Collection and illustrates the benefactor's desire to give to the community of the Wimmera access to high quality Australian Art.

Country Practice runs from 31 July to 27 September 2015 and explores the potentially endless interactive imaginative possibilities for personal and shared experience through contemporary art.

Fiona Conner, Kate Daw & Stewart Russell, Geoff Newton, Isabelle Sully
Curated by Geoff Newton, commissioned by NETS Victoria

National Exhibitions Touring Support (NETS) Victoria is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and through the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments. NETS Victoria also receives significant in-kind support from the National Gallery of Victoria.

IMAGE: Geoff NEWTON, June 27, 80 Wilson Street, Horsham 2015 2015, Oil on linen, 60 x 90 cm. Courtesy of the artist

The present and the future – HRAG Jubilee Hall

In 2009 the Federal and Victorian governments each announced $5 million in funding toward the redevelopment of the Horsham Town Hall to co-locate the performing arts and visual arts. To achieve this ambitious project HRAG has relocated to Jubilee Hall for the duration of the project.
While at Jubilee Hall we will not be able to display the Horsham Regional Art Gallery Collection. It will be stored under museum conditions while we work on better understanding, the Mack Jost Collection of Australian Painting and Works on Paper, our nationally significant collection of Australian Photography, and our collection of works that document the Wimmera.
Our exhibition program at this time will, continue to bring the best in Australian visual culture to Horsham, explore what it is to be a regional art gallery, explore artists that are held within our collection, experiment with what an exhibition is, and present the work of leading practitioners from our region.
Join us at Jubilee Hall as we experiment and get ready to represent the Collection in our renovated home in Wilson Street early 2016.
IMAGE: Dave JONES 'Triticum Lucis - Stage 5 (high yield)' 2015, inkjet print, 61 x 91.5 cm.
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